1. Swerp Records Responds to “Twinklecore” Allegations

    "FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – The Chicago Reader Accuses Local Artist of Twinkling – Swerp Records’ Official Response Follows

    CHICAGO, IL – Swerp Records LLC has recently been made aware of a news article by the Chicago Reader regarding the twinkliness of one of our artists, My Dad. The article, available at ChicagoReader.com, alleges a comparison between the sound of My Dad’s debut album, Stunts, to the sound of twinkle artists Into It. Over It., CSTVT, and Everyone Everywhere, among others. We at Swerp take these allegations seriously, and wish to address them.

    “Twinklecore”, an offshoot of the slang term “Twinkle Daddies”, is a joke disguised as a genre disguised as a joke, described by Urban Dictionary as “Those emo-ish bands with the twinkly guitars and the hoarse vocals”. While other terms such as “post-hardcore” and “midwest emo” have been used to describe the sound in recent years, they have not achieved widespread use, due to the fact they are even less effective at describing the genre’s sound than the term “twinklecore”.

    We regret that My Dad’s furious, feedback driven sound was confused for the complex trebly melodies of the “twinkle” movement. We further regret that the My Dad live show, incorporating exceptional pedal effects and two syncopated drummers going HAM, was interpreted for the visceral punk attitude associated with twinkle. We would additionally like to apologize for the confusion of those who are not familiar with the genre “twinkle”, and instead have read this release looking for allegations of Twinkies™, a popular snack pastry created by the Hostess corporation.

    Going forward, we at Swerp encourage journalists to use these alternate terms to describe the “twinkle” sound as it applies to any of our artists, to prevent any further confusion. Please use the alternatives, “Fat Metal,” “Meatgaze,” “Sad Jazz,” “Post-Corpse,” “Polish Party Anthems,” “Scum,” “Gargoyle Funk,” “Trashy Bluegrass,” “Lawsuit Bait,” or “Michael Bay Presents: Post-Hardcore”.

    For further inquiries, please contact Ian Sutherland at info@SwerpRecords.com, or by phone at 312.834.1535.

    Swerp Records – ON SOME SERIOUS SWERP.
    http://www.SwerpRecords.com – Main Site
    http://www.OnSomeSeriousSwerp.com – Music”

    taken from Swerp Records website.

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